Program Updates

West Sound Academy: We just joined the program! - Feb 23, 2015

West Sound Academy: Our Environmental Systems and Societies class is spearheading this program. We are mostly international students from 4 different countries. - Feb 23, 2015

Olivia Park Elementary: We just joined the program! - Feb 12, 2015


About the Program

Join the network of over 280 Washington Green Schools statewide that are working to make their campuses and communities healthier and greener!

First, you need to join the Washington Green Schools network.

Next, you'll form a Green Team and set goals, investigate issues, and take action to benefit your school and the environment.

To get certified, your school will choose one of our environmental categories to focus on for the year:

Your Green Team will work through the SIX STEPS required to certify. Certified schools earn recognition, rewards, and other special opportunities!

Please contact us with questions or sign up for an upcoming training session near you.

**Schools that certify must recertify within two years of their first previous certification. Learn more about the recertification process here.


Through the process of certification, students contribute to their communities, conserve natural resources, and save their schools money.


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