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Office Hours: Completing Your Report Card

Every month, we’ll be offering virtual Office Hours to cover timely topics for the Washington Green Schools community. Check our Events Page to learn about upcoming Office Hours!

Jump to specific questions below and give a shout if you have more to add to the conversation:

.57      —    How long does it take to complete the Report Card?
2.02    —    Do I complete my Report Card all at once?
2:50    —    When is the Report Card due?
3.20    —    How long does the Report Card review take?
4:10    —    What resources are available to help my school certify?
5:30    —    Is there a sample Report Card I can see to help me?
6:12    —    When are Report Cards typically completed?
7:10    —    How do I know if my school’s efforts merit certification?
8:38    —    How much detail should I include in my Report Card?
9:25    —    Who do I ask if I have questions about the Report Card?

10:48  —    What Lasting Changes are schools making to certify?