Program Updates

Henry M. Jackson High School: We were just awarded level 2 status! - Jul 1, 2015

John Rogers Elementary: We were just awarded level 1 status! - Jul 1, 2015

Orchards Elementary: We were just awarded level 1 status! - Jul 1, 2015


Resources For Students

Greening Your School

National Resources Defense Council
The Green Squad, Kids Taking Action for Greener, Healthier Schools

WISE Design
A program that guides you through a series of steps to make your school more sustainable


Environmental Footprint Calculators

Bobbie Big Foot: Calculate Your Environmental Footprint

Zerofootprint:Kids Calculator

Interactive and animated, school carbon and ecological footprint calculator (from England)


Reducing Your Environmental Footprint

Nature Challenge for Kids

I Buy Different

Consumer Consequences Game

Union of Concerned Scientists
Great Green Web Game. (for older students). This game tests your knowledge of how consumer choices affect the environment. As you answer questions and 'shop green' the Envirometer gauges the cumulative impact of your choices.

North American Association For Environmental Education (NAAEE)
Student Environmental Education Sites

This U.N. Environment Programme magazine for young people focuses each month on a specific topic related to sustainable living. Read articles written by and for teens around the world.

EcoKids is Earth Day Canada's environmental education program for youth who care about the planet.

New Zealand Eco Kids
a cool site packed full of interactive games, comics, movies and activities, designed to get kids excited about protecting the environment.

Ollie’s World

Lots of Environmental Websites For Kids

Environmental Protection Agency Kids Club

Enviro Kids
Songs, activities, art gallery and more from the City of Tacoma.

Garden Basics for Kids

Nature, Wildlife and Science

Field Trip Earth
Travel the world via interviews, discussion groups, field reports, essays, slide shows and educator resources. Start on the "Choose a Field Trip" page, and use the airplane cursor to select a wildlife conservation project you'd like to visit.

National Geographic’s Science News For Kids

Kids Planet

Children of the Earth

Flying WILD
A bird education offering for middle schools giving students the opportunity to learn through researching, planning, and hosting a school bird festival. Flying WILD is an initiative of the Council for Environmental Education (CEE) Project WILD program.

Junior Master Gardener Kids Zone§ionID=2016

Making Science Make Sense


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

EPA's Recycle City

WA State Dept. of Ecology, Solid Waste Kids Page

Kids Recycle Page

Resourceful Schools
Fun Stuff for Students

Story of Stuff

Recycled Craft Ideas

Recycled Crafts


Energy Related

Energy Alliance to Save Energy
sections for students and adults on energy conservation

Dr. E’s Energy Lab
A monkey named Dr. E will teach you about renewable energy and energy efficiency at this U.S. Department of Energy site.

Energy Kids Page

Think Energy Student Page

US Dept. of Energy Kids Page

Alliant Energy Kids

Minerals Management Service Kids Page

Get Wise

BPA Kids Page

Energy Quest Room


Climate Change, Weather and Air Quality

EPA’s Climate Change Kids Site
(K-5 students)

Cool School Challenge

Kids Air Site, animated and helps them understand how air quality is measured and color coded.

NOAA’s Weather Site For Kids


Water Related

The Pani Game
Help Embet get water to his village in Ethiopia, provided by WaterAid.

Pacific Salmon and Steelhead Coloring Book

Wy-Kan-Ush-Pum Activity Book.
Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission’s Salmon Activity Book

The Water Page

Sewage in Your Face
Videos, sounds, not-so-stinky games, recipes and more from the City of San Diego, California

Get Wise




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