Program Updates

Jason Lee Middle School: We were just awarded level 1 status! - Jul 30, 2014

Bertschi School: We were just awarded level 4 status! - Jul 1, 2014

Columbia River High School: We were just awarded level 1 status! - Jun 30, 2014


Healthy School Buildings Resources

Coordinated School Health in WA State: Healthy Schools ... Successful Students

Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County


EPA – Integrated Pest Management For Schools: A How-To Manual on Pesticides


Indoor air quality tools for schools action kit


Healthy School Environmental Assessment Tool (HealthySEAT)


Green Cleaning Guide PDF


Urban Pesticide Education Strategy Team.
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) information for schools and households.


Healthy Schools Campaign


WA Toxics Coalition


Greening Your School Deirdre Imus Environmental Center For Pediatric Oncology


Grassroots Environmental Education, Kids and Toxins


Beyond Pesticides


Childproofing Our Communities


Rehab the Lab resources


Asthma Management in Education Settings


Healthy Child, Healthy World


Mercury in Schools, WA State Dept. of Health


School Indoor Air Quality Best Management Practices, WA State Dept. of Health


School Environment Health and Safety Program, WA State Dept. of Health


Indoor Air Quality in Schools, MN Dept. of Health


Healthy Schools Network


National Geographic: The Green Guide


Organic Consumer’s Association


Model Wellness Policy


Green Clean Schools Guide Fourth Edition: FREE for Schools and Non Profits



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