Program Updates

Hillcrest Elementary School: We were just awarded level 2 status! - Mar 31, 2015

Gaiser Middle School: We were just awarded Level 5 status! - Mar 30, 2015

The Island School: We have an edible garden! Our school has completed building six raised vegetable garden beds, one for each class. The classes have all filled them with dirt and are planting them with spring crops. - Mar 23, 2015


Healthy School Buildings Resources


Establish a hand-washing program. Improve hand-washing procedures through an educational campaign. Replace antibacterial spray with an all-natural, environmentally-friendly alternative.

Improve air circulation in classrooms. Remove objects blocking vents and inform teachers. Develop and use a tracking method to solve air quality and health complaints.

Purchase food from local vendors or grow your own. Ensure that vendors provide pesticide-free produce and locally grown fruits and vegetables whenever possible. Use a school garden to grow produce and teach students about healthy food choices.



Conduct a Chemical Survey – Guides students through a survey of the chemicals present in their home or school
Hold the Mold! – Follow this activity to grow mold in the classroom and learn about its health and environmental impacts
Lead Blockers – Learn about the health effects of lead and how to minimize the impact
Lesson Plans and Activities – Tap into classroom activities and resources related to building health
Teachers and Healthy Indoor School Environments – Use lesson plans and resources surrounding air quality



Fun Things to Do! – Play games, puzzles, quizzes and activities related to environmental health



Green Cleaning – Access tips on how to gauge the safety of your school’s cleaning products and information about school purchasing policies
Integrated Pest Management in Schools – learn information about integrated pest management, and how to implement it at your school
Model Wellness Policy Guide – Use this guide to develop comprehensive wellness policies
Rehab the Lab – Explore how to improve chemical management in school labs and art studios
School Indoor Air Quality Best Management Practices Manual – Use this manual to learn about common pollutants and how they impact students, as well as strategies to improve indoor air quality
Tools for Schools Action Kit – Use these resources and checklists to improve indoor air quality at your school



Home Exposures – Refer to this list of products and services that may have negative health effects
Sustainable Lifestyle – Use these CDC tips to make your lifestyle more healthy and sustainable


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