Make It Happen

1.2 million students spend their days in K-12 schools across Washington State. You can ensure they gain the skills and hands-on learning opportunities needed to be successful leaders. Our state depends upon the next generation… And Washington Green Schools is working with you to give them the tools they need to succeed.

Wisdom Shared at Teacher Trainings

It’s been a productive autumn for Green Teams. If you weren’t able to join us at one of our Teacher Trainings, don’t worry – we’re can fill you in! Read on to get advice we gleaned from the people who know it best – educators like you.

  • Tap into your community. Laura Tucker, Jefferson County’s Public Health Education Specialist, described a school who asked their community to donate reusable plates to help their cafeteria go disposable-free. It was a smash hit!

    > Put out a call-to-action in your school newsletter to get families and community members involved. 

  • Join forces with [insert popular school activity here]. Rebecca Morris from La Center High School suggests integrating your project with well-attended school events to raise awareness. Got a great football team? Have a recycling education station by the waste bins at the game.

    > Look at your school calendar to pinpoint activities that would raise visibility about your certification project.

  • Ask for help. Three Rivers Home Link School in Richland wanted to tie environmental projects into classroom learning but needed help getting started. We connected them with schools who had successfully certified to help her get a support network. 

    > Want to be connected with teacher leaders? Just ask! You can also explore Report Cards from successfully certified schools to get ideas.