Make It Happen

1.2 million students spend their days in K-12 schools across Washington State. You can ensure they gain the skills and hands-on learning opportunities needed to be successful leaders. Our state depends upon the next generation… And Washington Green Schools is working with you to give them the tools they need to succeed.

Schedule Your Certification Ceremony!

Certification season is upon us and we want to celebrate your efforts. We’ll be presenting in the following counties on the following dates, and we’d love to make your school part of the celebration:

  • Snohomish County: May 31-June 1
  • Pierce County: June 5-6
  • Clark County: June 7-8
  • King County: June 13-15

If your school is located in Snohomish, Pierce, Clark, or King County, email Becky to schedule your awards ceremony on one of the dates listed above. Still interested in a ceremony, but we’re not scheduled to come to your county? Email Becky and we’ll see what we can arrange!