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1.2 million students spend their days in K-12 schools across Washington State. You can ensure they gain the skills and hands-on learning opportunities needed to be successful leaders. Our state depends upon the next generation… And Washington Green Schools is working with you to give them the tools they need to succeed.

ClimeTime Virtual Conference (Day 1)

Join teachers statewide for a two-day conference, completely online! The virtual conference is open to all PreK-12 teachers in Washington State who want to learn more about the Climate Science Proviso, about the ClimeTime project, or about tools and resources connected to science learning.

Sessions are FREE to participants and have been sponsored by OSPI. Registration and clock hours available through signup via pdEnroller.

Monday, April 27th Sessions

Sign up for one session per block available. Click on the session name to learn more and register.

Time Session A Session B
Block I


Norms and Anchoring Phenomenon in the World of Remote Learning
OSPI – Mechelle LaLanne
STEM Mini-Projects for Learning at Home – Part A
ESD 112 – Stacy Meyer & Pranjali Upadhyay
10:00-10:30 Break Break
Block II


Science in your Schoolyard: Using Local Phenomena to Engage Students
IslandWood – Brad Street, Derek Jones
STEM Mini-Projects for Learning at Home – Part B
ESD 112 – Stacy Meyer & Pranjali Upadhyay
12:00-12:30 Lunch Lunch
Block III


An Introduction to the OpenSciEd Project
ESD 114 – Jeff Ryan
ESD 189 – Brian McNevin
Crafting 3D Formative Assessment Items – ACESSE Resource D
ESD 113 – Scott Killough
ESD 101 – Tammie Schrader
2:00-2:30 Break Break
Block IV


Using Local and Real Time Data to Learn About Ocean Acidification
Padilla Bay – Dr. Jude Apple
Elementary Assessment for Climate Learning
ESD 189 – Jodi Crimmins 
University of Washington – Dr. Deb Morrison
4:00-7:00 Break Break
Block V


Climate Science 101 for Elementary Teachers
University of Washington – Dr. Deb Morrison, Rachel Han
Cooperative for Research in Environmental Sciences – Katie Boyd, Alicia Christensen, Dr. Anne Gold
How to Support Home-Based Science Learning During School Closures
University of Washington – Dr. Philip Bell