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1.2 million students spend their days in K-12 schools across Washington State. You can ensure they gain the skills and hands-on learning opportunities needed to be successful leaders. Our state depends upon the next generation… And Washington Green Schools is working with you to give them the tools they need to succeed.

Transportation vehicles are the largest contributing source of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in Washington State. Students can reduce their environmental footprint and take lead to make smarter transportation choices.

Ideas for a Lasting Change

Implement no-idling zones. Hang banners in front of the school to encourage parents to turn off their engines when waiting to drop-off and pick-up students. Send out a pamphlet that explains the health dangers of car exhaust.

Create and promote safe walking and biking routes to school. Remind members of the school community to minimize their impact by utilizing greener transportation methods. Start a “Walking School Bus” program.

Encourage carpooling. Award preferential parking for carpooling vehicles and provide incentives/recognition for carpoolers.


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