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Get Involved

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1.2 million students spend their days in K-12 schools across Washington State. You can ensure they gain the skills and hands-on learning opportunities needed to be successful leaders. Our state depends upon the next generation… And Washington Green Schools is working with you to give them the tools they need to succeed.

“My Green Team inspires me because we all bring different experiences and creative ideas that build on each others’. As a result, our project has been able to connect many unrelated classes, programs, and community groups that might not have ever worked together otherwise, thus enhancing our school identity and potential for making a difference.”

– Jeremy Anhalt, Chelan Middle School

Address student learning goals, access a system ready-to-use resources, and tap into a community of support to bring your classroom to life. Washington Green Schools builds 21st century skills for kids through hands-on learning experiences connected to their own lives. You’ll be supported with:

  • Classroom-ready resources that meet Common Core and NGSS standards
  • Trainings and workshops to prepare you for successful program implementation
  • Support to help your school achieve its student learning goals
  • Networking with a statewide community of educators

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