Virtual Race to Decomposition


Make It Happen

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What makes an apple core decompose? To find out join WGS’ “Race to Decomposition” – a simple investigation using everyday materials from home. Through weekly online lessons, we’ll race against time and explore factors that affect decomposition.

Download the Race to Decomposition Instructional Guide as a pdf

Race to Decomposition: Part 1

Materials List:

  • Soil (not potting soil)
  • A clear container with a lid (can be plastic or glass)
  • A piece of organic material (apple, banana, bread, etc.)
  • Any other materials that you would like to add to your jar to help speed up decomposition
  • A notebook or piece of paper (for sketching and observation notes)
  • A pen or pencil

Video Notes:

  • Shannon uses a slice of apple in her jar but any piece of organic material (see materials list for ideas) you have in your home will work.
  • Shannon uses a small glass jar, but any clear container (plastic or glass) that has a lid can be used.

Race to Decomposition: Part 2

Race to Decomposition: Part 3

Race to Decomposition: Part 4